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In God we trust; all others bring data

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Track. Analyse. Improve.

Online marketing is all about data… Our team of analysts will help you define the metrics and kpis adapted to your business.

Sales, conversion rate, leads quality, device optimisation, channel attribution, sales funnel , traffic sources, entry and exit pages, bounce rate … we capture every single information from your website and translate it into practical business knowledge and recommendations. We also provide real time dashboards tracking your relevant metrics to make your task easier.

Take it easy, we won’t drive you crazy with hundreds of figures and graphs! We will focus on extracting the relevant conclusions in order to improve your performance.

Google Analytics qualified

Data analysis can give you a huge amount of useful information. At llorella&co we want to be the partner that knows how to read your data and translate them into added value for your business.

To do so we constantly train “on the job” and in Google Academy (team members are Google analytics qualified). We also test new solutions, investigate on data, read a lot… to be sure we don’t miss anything!

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