Web analytics

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Digital Marketing is all about data… Our team of web analysts will help you to define the proper metrics and kpi´s for your business.

Sales, conversion rate, leads quality, device optimisation, channel attribution, sales funnel, traffic sources, entry and exit pages, bounce rate … we capture every single information from your website and translate it into practical business knowledge and recommendations. We also provide real time dashboards tracking your relevant metrics to make your task easier.

Take it easy, we won’t drive you crazy with hundreds of figures and graphs! We will focus on extracting the relevant conclusions in order to improve your performance.

web analytics
web analytics

enterprise level

The Google Analytics 360 Suite

Designed for companies generating large amounts of data, the Google Analytics 360 Suite is an all-in-one solution that offers multiple features providing more detailed web analytics information to the marketers.

It integrates online and offline data, offers advanced conversion reports or in depth attribution models among other advantages.

The company implementation of Analytics Suite tool is a huge undertaking. Our experts will support you at all stages of the process thanks to their experience and knowledge.