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SEO audit

Search engines such as Google or Bing have developed algorithms to show and rank the most relevant websites, images, videos etc. as a result of a research made by a user on specific keywords.

The ranking position of your company is key, as the top 3 positions will get the vast majority of the organic clics from the users.

An SEO audit is an analysis of your site from a technical point of view, in relation to best practices for search engine optimisation and in comparison with competitors.

The team will first draw a map of our current position, first from a technical point of view and then compared to the competitors. We will tackle issues such as website architecture, URLs, metatags, user experience issues, device optimization, internal links, etc.  We will then draw a report and present recommendations in a comprehensive way.

SEO On-Page

SEO-On Page refers to every action that can be made within your site to improve its position in Google search rankings. It focuses in site content architecture, content quality and coherence, internal links, meta description, title tags, UX…

It is essential to approach your content from a semantic approach. Search engines are improving accuracy of their results by identifying the user’s contextual meaning of the keywords used. Three types of search can de identified: transactional, informative and navigational.

We will realise a semantic analysis of your site and search terms to define the type of content and pages that will better answer the needs of the user based on the context.

This methodology will drive more traffic to your site and improve its domain authority, which means a better ranking of your company.

SEO Off-Page

SEO Off-Page on the contrary makes reference to actions realised outside your website to improve its ranking in SERPs.

It means increasing your site popularity and authority by getting other valuable sources such as people, sites… backlinking to your content.

At llorella&co we will help you create the site architecture and content that will get you natural backlinks. At the end, only valuable and relevant information will position your company on the long term.

Other services

You may not need a full SEO service, but advice or resources to run short term actions. Our team can help you on specific issues such as local SEO, keywords research, international SEO, mobile SEO, website migration or training courses.

We are flexible enough to provide customised actions for you company. Just ask us!

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