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To llorella&co bring more than 10 years working in the online sector. Our objective is the to optimize to the maximum the return of the investment of the campaigns of digital marketing and the one to keep us near the customer because it can forget of the most technical aspects and centre in the own services of his business.

The most fantastic of what we do, the reason for which strain so much in which go out well and besides seem simple, is that our work is precisely this: do the easy things. We want to that Internet and optimization of the networks was something simple to eyes of the customers. And the way to achieve this is that they do not have to concern therefore. We want to that our customers can devote to his business, perhaps that they know to do, give his services.

On our tables, them Macs never rest. They work without truce and there is not problem that can not resolve. To any forgets us the important that is to establish an emotional connection, (almost) familiar with each customer. Our relations (strictly between ourselves and with those that deposit to our hands his projects) is of confidence. All what has a business knows that it finishes to turn into an extension of a same.

An own business is something as well as a son: are born of one, with illusion, works to do it grow and struggles to see it turned into something that deserve the penalty. And, arrived the case, only leaves with somebody of confidence. Therefore we bet not to be a consulting any one. Immediately in which somebody trusts you something like this, you notice that a customer has to be more than a file. It is like having a good friend: because it work, has to establish a relation of confidence.

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