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Advertisment on social networks

Social platforms offers efficient Ads programs that can boost your acquisition campaigns. Thanks to the granular data they offer and allow you to target and influence specific audiences related to your product or services.

Instagram Ad´s, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads or LinkedIn Ads, each paid social platform requires a specific approach to be successful, but at llorella&co we have the right knowledge and experience to guarantee your success.

paid social
paid social


Facebook Ads

Facebook pages connect people with your company. Facebooks ads allows you to get engagement, promote your company and consequently increase sales over time. It gives you the possibility to target users that may be attracted by your brand based on their profile information, precise interests, location, demographic…


Instagram Ads

Instagram ads allows you to communicate with your target customers and increase your audience through visuals… It offers an elegant way to drive awareness to your company.

Today, Instagram has become a crucial part of every company’s social media strategy and paid social ads it is a perfect complement to it. Our experience in this relatively new channel will help you building a successful campaign avoiding beginners mistakes.


LinkedIn Ads

With more than 500 million people registered around the globe, LinkedIn is the major professional network in the world. LinkedIn Ads offers an interesting segmentation on profiles based on the company field of activity, position within the company or years spent in a type of job.

You can choose to sponsor a specific content to get more followers, send in-mails with individual messages or publish text Ads to a targeted audience.


Twitter Ads

You can advertise your brand in Twitter through promoted tweets, promoted accounts or promoted trends.

Depending on your objective (awareness, engagement, followers…), Twitter lets you increase your influence and discover new audiences thanks to a vast amount of segmentation possibilities. It is paid social platform shows interesting results in conversion and ROI…