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Content Marketing

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Create and share content

We create content that engages your audience in web, blog, newsletter or social networks. We adapt the content marketing strategy to the message and each channel, the company’s objectives and the type of semantic search made by the user. 

content marketing
content marketing


Content is king

Content marketing is very much linked to SEO, as it is a way to generate interest amongst your targeted audience by creating and sharing relevant and added value material. The more your content it is adapted to users needs, whether they are recreative, informational or commercial,  the better your site will be ranked in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

To get the best results, you should approach your strategy in a global way, starting with an existing content analysis and a semantic study of the keywords that trigger one of your site page. From the analysis we will draw your online strategy.

An integrated content marketing plan often includes material for blog, social networks, website, newsletter or applications with specific content for each channel, and a coherent broadcasting between them. To enhance the spreading of the information the use of advertising campaigns, influencers, bloggers or journalists may be needed.

llorella&Co will help you to implement your strategy by creating and publishing the relevant material (articles, texts, images, videos)…