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Why llorella&co

We help ambitious teams to do amazing things.


The principal outcome of our work

When contracting an agency your first expectation is to get results. Better ROI on advertising, more organic traffic to the website, engaging content… whatever the objective, our priority is to show you the numbers, optimizing campaigns constantly.

Bottom line: working with llorella&co is not a cost, it is an investment.


Inventive minds at your service

Stating that online marketing is in constant evolution is an evidence. To get the most out of an increasing number of tools, software evolution or techniques you need to spend an important amount of time in investigation, test and training.

At llorella&co we believe it is worth the effort as it allows us to offer you continuous improvement and innovative solutions for your business.


Compromised people you can trust

As a service company, sharing your priorities, understanding your problems, beeing flexible and available is essential. We can summarise everything into one simple word: commitment. It is one of the most important personal value from all team members.

You need an agency that not only understand your business, but act as an authentic partner of your company.


We will tell you the truth

Success in partnerships is based on trust, communication and honesty. At all stages of the collaboration: from the right beginning of course but especially in difficult times when you need support and implication to improve results.


Google Premier Partner

Many agencies are Google Partner. Llorella&co is Google Premier Partner. The badge stands for team training and certification and the use of best practices. It also demonstrates that the agency has successfully managed important campaigns and increased its clients revenue over the time, with results above the standards.