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Our Story

We empower companies to get the most out of their digital investment.

Who are we?

Experts - Committed - Different

We are a Digital Marketing agency with more than 15 years of experience. 

We help you define your online strategy: we create, manage, measure and optimize your online communication and advertising.

We are committed to share your objectives and projects as if they were ours, in a transparent way.

Our communication is clear and understandable in order to make your life easier within the technical jargon of online marketing.

In one sentence: we are an agency you can rely on to grow your business.

Nueva oficina llorella


The origins

Llorella&co was founded when Nando decided to create his own agency after spending years in digital marketing working for several important pure players.

Expert in SEO, online advertising and web analytics, his idea was to offer his knowledge to more companies in a moment when only a few professionals mastered new marketing tools.

The demand in online marketing expertise was – and remains – huge, as the past 15 years have been hectic with the introduction of many new technologies and tools requiring an important time of investigation and training.

Defining the right digital marketing strategy to achieve your company objectives is a key stage.

In llorella&co we have specialists with an extensive background that will understand your business and design the right plan. People you can trust.

And of course we are international to partner you on the global playground.